Airplane/Sailboat Canvas by Bristol Upholstery in Plymouth, Ct.
This is a 50' sailboat we re- canvased  The boat is especially interesting, because it is the
first fiberglass Hinckley ever made.  Serial number 1 owned by Hinckley himself.  We were
honored the owner decided to have us work on this boat.
This is an ultra-light MX Sprint
airplane that we created a
custom canvas for. The owner
of this plane needed custom
covers to protect the wings
from the elements.  They were
fit to the wings with cutouts for
the cables. The covers feature
Sunbrella material, Velcro, and
YKK zippers. The covers are
attached with bungee cords to
hold the covers under the
wings. Thank you to the owner
for letting us post these
Call today toll free
or locally 1(860)283-8055
Click on an image to see larger picture.
Custom Sailboat California style dodger. Designed special for the needs
of the customer. Thank you to the owners of this 1994 34' Pacific
Seacraft Sailboat for the great communication. This was a custom built
five piece frame. This job features Strataglass, Seamark, Sunbrella, YKK
zippers, and Dot fasteners. Can be seen and Brewers Deep River
Marina, In Deep River, Ct. 7/2011
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