Bristol Upholstery Of Connecticut
Custom Car interiors And More
Allison Daytona dune buggy
custom enclosure.
Sunbrella supreme canvas, YKK
zippers. Boot for storage. Stainless
steel frame fabricated by Yves.
Windows are all removable by
zippers. Special Thanks to all our
customers for letting us feature
there wonderful cars!
This is a 1963 Bentley.  Our customer wanted to restore the interior to its past glory. The old covers were original leather,
however they were damaged and had a previous refurbish attempt. They were red leather that was dyed/painted to match
door panels out of burgundy leather. The door panels, armrests needed to be redone, in addition to the seats, and carpets.  
The headliner had a visitor, which ate a hole which we decided to plug up. The old carpets were thread bare. So new ones
were custom fitted.
Special Thanks to the owner for allowing us to feature this beautiful car.
Here is a Letter from the owner of this car

"Yves Cote and I met in 1963. I was completing my first project car, a 1932 Chevy coupe. Yves had recently
started a business on Park Street in Bristol called Bristol Auto Seat Covers. He was given the task of
installing the interior on my prized possession. All black, diamond & button, pleated naugahyde. The car
came out great and won a prize at the autorama in Hartford that year.I raced and showed service. On my
return in 1969 both the car and Yves were nowhere to be found until 2010.

Here we are again. I have another 1932 Chevy coupe in need of upholstery and someone told me Yves was
in business in Plymouth Ct. What a coincidence! There was no doubt in my mind who was going to get the
job. I believe the pics speak for themselves. It was a pleasure to see and work with Yves and his staff again
and I am more than satisfied with their efforts.

I am negotiating the return of my original car and if successful Yves will have another restoration to

(The Kid??? with the 32 Chevy coupe)
These Are Our Recent Projects. A V W Dune Buggy. With a Meyers Manx Body. The
Customer Had A Custom Top Made, Along With Carpets, Door Panels, And Custom Fit
Car Cover. Thank you To All Our Customers Who Allow Us To Share Our Work.
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1929 Cadillac Roadster Total
Interior And Convertible
Restoration Project
Bristol Upholstery Of
Connecticut  Lovingly Helped Our
Customer Restore This Beautiful
Piece Of History.
With Next to Nothing To Go By Of
The Original Interior, We
Rebuilt The Original Seating,
Doors, Trim Panels, And
Convertible Top.
Real Leather Was Used
Throughout The Interior, The
Springs, Original Horsehair And
Burlap Restored To The Original
Handcrafted Design. Each Piece
Of This Car Was Restored To Its
Original Glory. Special Thanks To
The Owner For The Privilege Of
Participating In This Historical
1955 Eldorado Convertible New Top Replacement